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Civil Engineering

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In traffic control devices & regulation, we detailed discussed about intersection but remain topics are discussed in other post.

In Traffic Studies and Analysis, a detailed discussion about Origin and Destination Study, Accident Study & Parking Study.

In Traffic Flow Characteristics & Capacity Study, we detailed discuss about Traffic Capacity Studies, Traffic Flow Characteristics Studies.

Traffic studies or surveys are carried out to analyze the traffic characteristics. These studies help in deciding the geometric design feature and traffic control for safe and efficient traffic movements. The traffic surveys for collecting traffic data are also called traffic census. The various traffic studies generally carried out are: Traffic Volume Study, Traffic Speed Studies.

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In tacheometry we details discuss about tacheometry, instrument used in tacheometry, tacheometer, stadia rod, stadia system, fixed hair system, movable hair system, tangential system, subtense bar system, theory of tacheometer, distance and elevation through tacheometer when a staff is vertical & staff is perpendicular to line of sight.

In curve we details discuss about curve, type of curve, basic definitions of curve, elements of circular curve, apex distance, chainage of tangent points, intermediate chord length.

In setting out of circular curve we details discuss offsets from long chord, offset from tangent, offset from chord produced in linear method & tape & theodolite/rankine method / tangential / deflection angles, two theodolite method, tachometer method in angular method.

In theory of errors we details discuss theory of errors, occurrence of error, type of error, gross errors or mistakes, systematic or cumulative errors, accidental or random errors, precision, accuracy, true value, true error, most probable value (M.P.V), principle of least square, residual error, law’s of weights, probable error, error in computed result.

Highway Engineering

ExtraWidening: Extra width provide to Road at horizontal curve is called extrawidening. It is provided for following purposes: To avoid off tracking due to rigidity

Method of Obtaining Superelevation: Introducing superelevation on a horizontal curve in the field is an important feature in construction. The full super-elevation is attained by

Design of  Superelevation⇒ Design of superelevation is a complex problem for mixed traffic conditions because different vehicles are moving with different speed hence the required

Equilibrium Superelevation: Equilibrium superelevation is that superelevation at which pressure at the inner and outer tyre will be equal. if the coefficient of friction is

Soil Mechanics

Test of specific gravity can be computed using 50 ml density bottle,500ml flask or pycnometer. Density bottle method is accurate & suitable for all soil.

Interrelationship Between Voids ratio (e), Water Content (w), Specific Gravity (G), Degree of Saturation(s), Dry Unit Weight ,Unit Weight of Water, etc

Relative compaction is defined as the ratio of the dry unit weight of soil in the natural state to the dry unit weight of soil in the densest state. it can applied for both cohesionless &cohesive soil.

It is defined as the ratio of the difference between the void ratio of soil in the loosest state & natural state to the difference in the void ratio of soil in the loosest state & densest state.

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