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Civil Engineering

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In theory of errors we details discuss theory of errors, occurrence of error, type of error, gross errors or mistakes, systematic or cumulative errors, accidental or random errors, precision, accuracy, true value, true error, most probable value (M.P.V), principle of least square, residual error, law’s of weights, probable error, error in computed result.

In setting out of circular curve we details discuss offsets from long chord, offset from tangent, offset from chord produced in linear method & tape & theodolite/rankine method / tangential / deflection angles, two theodolite method, tachometer method in angular method.

In curve we details discuss about curve, type of curve, basic definitions of curve, elements of circular curve, apex distance, chainage of tangent points, intermediate chord length.

In tacheometry we details discuss about tacheometry, instrument used in tacheometry, tacheometer, stadia rod, stadia system, fixed hair system, movable hair system, tangential system, subtense bar system, theory of tacheometer, distance and elevation through tacheometer when a staff is vertical & staff is perpendicular to line of sight.

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Highway Engineering

Roadway / Width of Formation: It is the sum of with pavement or carriageway including separator (if any) and the shoulder. Roadways width is the

Shoulder: Extra width provided adjacent to edge of pavement is called shoulder. It is provided for emergency point of view like Breakdown of vehicle, medical

Divider /Medians / Traffic separators Divider is an element provided to Road along the center line to separate two way traffic. The main function of

Camber / Cross- Slope: It is the slope provide to the road surface in the transverse direction to drain the rainwater from the road surface

Soil Mechanics

There are many types of soil. Examples - Alluvial soil, Lacustrine soil, Marine soil, Aeolian soil, Glacial soil, Colluvial soil, Loess soil, Marl soil & others.

The process of formation of soil is termed as PEDOGENESIS. Soil is formed due to the weathering (erosion /wear and tear) of rocks. Weathering of rock can occur either physically or chemically.

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