Elements Of Highway Geometric Design & Cross-Section Elements 2.2

Elements Of Highway Geometric Design:

In Geometric design of highway deals with following elements like Cross-section element, Sight distance, Horizontal alignment details, Vertical alignment details, Intersection details.

  1. Cross-section element.

  2. Sight distance.

  3. Horizontal alignment details.

  4. Vertical alignment details.

  5. Intersection details.

1.Cross-Section Elements:

These are the features of the cross-section of the pavement that effects the life of the pavement, riding comfort and safety. Following are the cross section element of the pavement:

  1. Pavement surface characteristic

  2. Cross- Slope / Camber

  3. Width of Pavement or Carriageway

  4. Divider /Medians / Traffic separators

  5. Kerb

  6. Shoulder

  7. Road Margin

  8. Roadway / Width of Formation

  9. Road Land / Right of Way

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