Introduction of Transportation 1.1

In Introduction Of Transportation We Talking About

Role of Transportation, Different Modes of Transportation, Highway, Express highway, Characteristics of Road Transport, Importance of Roads in India.

  • Role of Transportation.
  • Different Modes of Transportation.
  • Highway.
  • Express highway.
  • Characteristics of Road Transport.
  • Importance of Roads in India.

The process of conveyance from one point to another is termed as transportation.

Role of Transportation

The importance of transportation in the development of a country is multidimensional.

Transportation is vital for the economic development of any region, since every product produced such as food, clothing, industrial products or medicine needs transport at all stages from production to distribution.

The inadequate transportation facilities retard the process of Socioeconomics development of a country.

All human beings are interacting over distance and time for food, shelter, work, business, recreation and security.

All agricultural and industrial raw materials, products and equipment are needed to be transported from one place.

Different Modes of Transportation

There are basic mode of transports are

  1. Land.
  2. Water.
  3. Air.
  4. Rope-way.
  5. Elevator.
  6. Cable card.
  7. Pipe line.
  8. Hyper loop.

The four major modes of transportation are

  1. Roadways
  2. Waterways
  3. Railways
  4. Airways


Time of Travel



Cost of Travel



The major road of transportation are achieved by highway & expressway.


Special type of Rood design to allow high speed of vehicle it generally Constructed over embankment due to following advantage-

  • Better drainage facilities.
  • Safety in flood time.
  • No lateral entry of public/animals.

Example- National highway, State highway.

Different Modes of Transportation
Expressway Vs Highway

Express highway

Special type of highway express highway which is design as a direct connectivity between two places. Express highway organised the traffic in generalized way.

Example- Mumbai-Pune Expressway, Noida-Agara Expressway.

Characteristics of Road Transport

  • Roads have ability to accommodate various types of vehicles at a time, like passenger cars, trucks, pedal cycles and animal drawn vehicles.
  • Road transport requires a relatively low capital investment for the government.
  • Road transport offers a complete freedom to road users to transfer the vehicle from one lane to another and from one road to another according to the need and convenience.
  • In particular for short distance travels, road transport saves time.
  • Road transport is the only means of transport that offers itself to the whole community alike.

Importance of Roads in India

  • Road development in India has contributed greatly to the increment in agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors. It is essential to provide road links between the villages and market centers.
  • Overall economic progress can be achieved, only if reasonably adequate transport facilities are made available between the villages and commercial centers.
  • Road development also generates considerable employment potential.
  • Revenue from the road transport in India has been much higher than the investment made on road development plans.

Introduction & Highway Development and Planning

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