Development of Road 1.2

Development of Road

  1. Roman Road.

  2. Tesaguet Construction.

  3. Telford Construction.

  4. Mecadom Construction.

Roman Road

Firstly Roman started construction of roads in large scale in 312 BC of length over 580 km.

Main features of roman roads are:

  • They were built straight regardless of gradients.
  • Total thickness of the construction was as high as 0.75 m to 1.2 m.
  • They were built after the soft soil was removed and a hard stratum was reached.
  • The wearing course consisted of dressed large stone blocks set in lime mortar.



  1. No cross slope is provided.
  2. No drainage system.
  3. Large foundation stones were provided at bottom.
Roman Road
Roman Road

Tesaguet Construction

Pierre tresaguet developed an improved method of construction in France during 1764 A.D.

Main features of Tresaguet construction are:

  1. Thickness of the road was order of 30 cm.
  2. Consideration was given to subgrade moisture condition and drainage of surface water.
  3. The sub-grade was prepared and a large layer of foundation stone are laid on edges which act as Kerb stone.
  4. The top wearing course was made up of smaller slope having a cross slope of 1 in 45 to the surface
  5. To provide surface drainage.
  6. Shoulder sloping was also provided of the order of 1 in 20 to drain the surface water to the side drain
Tesaguet Construction
Tesaguet Construction

Telford Construction

His work started in early 19 century in England. In this also heavy foundation stones were provided above the soil sub-grade and cross-slope at top surface was given to ensure removal of the water.

Main Features of Telford Construction are:

  1. A level subgrade was prepared of width 9 m.
  2. Thickness of foundation stone varied from 17 cm to 22 cm at the center.
  3. A binding layer of wearing course 4 cm thick was provided with cross slope of 1 in 45.
  4. The central portion of about 5.5m width was filled with two layers of angular broken stones to compacted thickness of 10 cm and 5 cm.
Telford Construction
Telford Construction

Macadam Road

Macadam Road differ from previous design in following aspect.

  1. Soil subgrade was also late at a cross slope 1 in 36 to avoid the seepage of water in it
  2. He was the first one to suggest that large foundation stones are not required to be placed at the bottom layer.
  3. Similarly the next layer of payment also constructed above this layer with broken stone of smaller size.
  4. The total thickness of construction was less but load distribution was comparatively better.
  5. The size Of broken stone at top was decided on the basis of stability under animals drawn vehicle.
Macadam Road
Macadam Road


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