ExtraWidening: Extra width provide to Road at horizontal curve is called extrawidening. It is provided for following purposes: To avoid off tracking

Method of Obtaining Superelevation: Introducing superelevation on a horizontal curve in the field is an important feature in construction. The full super-elevation

Design of  Superelevation⇒ Design of superelevation is a complex problem for mixed traffic conditions because different vehicles are moving with different speed

Equilibrium Superelevation: Equilibrium superelevation is that superelevation at which pressure at the inner and outer tyre will be equal. if the coefficient

Superelevation: The transverse inclination throughout the length of horizontal curve by raising outer edge counteract w.r.t. inner edge, in order to counteract

Stability Analysis on Horizontal Curve without Superelevation: It is the curve in plane to provide change in the direction to Central line

Design of Horizontal Alignment: Various design element to be considered in the horizontal alignment are: Design speed Type and length of transition

Curve: Curves are provided in highways in order that the change of direction at the intersection of straight alignments either in horizontal

Intermediate sight distance (ISD): On a horizontal curve, the requirement of overtaking sight distance can not always be satisfied. In such cases

Overtaking Sight Distance (OSD): If all the vehicle ply on the road at the design is speed, then theoretically there would be

Stopping Sight Distance (SSD): The minimum distance visible to a driver ahead to safety stop a vehicle travelling at design speed without

Sight Distance: Sight distance is the length of road visual a head to the driver at any distance. ( it is considered

Roadway / Width of Formation: It is the sum of with pavement or carriageway including separator (if any) and the shoulder. Roadways

Shoulder: Extra width provided adjacent to edge of pavement is called shoulder. It is provided for emergency point of view like Breakdown

Divider /Medians / Traffic separators Divider is an element provided to Road along the center line to separate two way traffic. The

Camber / Cross- Slope: It is the slope provide to the road surface in the transverse direction to drain the rainwater from

Pavement surface characteristic Pavement surface characteristic depends upon pavement type. Which in turn depends on availability of material, cost, composition of traffic,

Elements Of Highway Geometric Design: In Geometric design of highway deals with following elements like Cross-section element, Sight distance, Horizontal alignment details,

Geometric design of highway: Geometric design of highway deals with the all the dimensions and layout of visual features of highway such

Engineering Surveys For Highway Alignment: In order to decide the or finalized the Probable Alignment following Surveys are being carried out: Map

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