Equipment Used In Chain Surveying


In equipment used in chain surveying,we details discuss about surveying chain, types of chain- revenue chain, gunter’s chain, engineer’s chain, metric chain, suitability of chain, unsuitability of chain, units of measurement, tapes-cloth or linen tape, metallic tape, steel tape, invar tape, pegs, arrows, ranging rods, offset rods, plumb bob, clinometer, cross-staff, optical square, prism square, chain survey instruments, distance measuring device, instruments used for various types of measurement

In fundamentals of surveying (part-2), we details analysis about plan & map, scale, representation of scale- engineer’s scale, representation fraction (rf), graphical scale. Shrinkage factor or shrinkage ratio, error due to shrinkage of map, error due to wrong measuring scale, type of scales- plane scale, diagonal scale, vernier scale (direct vernier, retrograde vernier, extended vernier, double vernier).

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